State of the Nordic Region 2018: Immigration and Integration Edition

image of State of the Nordic Region 2018: Immigration and Integration Edition

State of the Nordic Region 2018 Migration and Integration presents a series of facts and figures showing the current state of integration within core socioeconomic sectors, including demography, the labour force, health, and foreign background in state funded culture in the Nordic Region. The report is produced by Nordregio, an international research center for regional development and planning established by the Nordic Council of Ministers, on behalf of Nordic Welfare Centre and the programme Nordic co-operation on integration of refugees and migrants, along with Nordic Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis. The report is partly based on State of the Nordic Region 2018, which is a unique compilation of statistics and maps, giving a detailed view of the Nordic countries at both national and regional level.



Unaccompanied minors to the Nordic Region

Unaccompanied minors are a group of asylum-seekers who have received particular attention both in media, research and from policy makers in recent years. As explained in the introduction, the UN defines an unaccompanied minor (sometimes also referred to as separated refugee children or similarly) as ‘a person who is under the age of eighteen years […] and who is separated from both parents and is not being cared for by an adult who by law or custom has responsibility to do so’ (UNHCR, 1997, p. 7). There can be different reasons to why child migrates without a parent or legal guardian, for example, due to economic or practical reasons, as a first step of family migration when the rest of the family intend to come later, or when one or both parents have migrated before the child. The child may also be an orphan and without other legal guardians (Çelikaksoy & Wadensjö, 2015). This chapter will build on the previous, addressing the statistics on unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in the Nordic countries with a focus on the available, harmonised data related to the large wave of asylum seekers to the Nordic Region in 2015.


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