Micro-credit Networking for Women Entrepeneurs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Co-operation project within the network "Baltic-Nordic women in the rural areas" 1999-2004

Micro-credit networking means so much more than giving a loan to a group of women who want to start a company: development of business ideas in co-operation with others training in business economics, book-keeping etc advisory services and information from professional advisers Women in a "micro credit network" inspire and support one another in the start up of a company, individual or as a co-operative. The four year project "Micro-credit for women entrepreneurs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania" has proven that it is possible to transform a successful model in one country to another country, if you take into account the country's own preconditions and culture. This was possible with financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers. Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have shared their experiences to support women entrepreneurs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. A long term co-operation has been built up between women entrepreneurs and advisers, municipalities, regional and national institutions in these countries working for regional development and women's entrepreneurship. This co-operation continues in a transnational co-operation within INTERREG III B.