Examining the desirability of a Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture

image of Examining the desirability of a Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture

The report contains recommendations of the Ad hoc Expert Group to establish a cultural partnership within The Northern Dimension. The report describes the objectives of the Partnership and shows examples of potential projects. The report was tabled for consideration and decision by the ND Senior Officials at their meeting in Stockholm on the 12th of November 2009. In order to qualify the recommendations given in the report, an invitation was sent to the Regional Councils to contribute with information about existing and planned activities in the field of culture.



The Northern Dimension policy

Following the adoption of a Political Declaration and a Policy Framework Document at the Northern Dimension Summit in November 2006, the Northern Dimension was transformed into a genuinely common policy between the European Union, Iceland, Norway and the Russian Federation. The Northern Dimension forms a regional expression of the Four Common Spaces between the EU and Russia with the participation of Norway and Iceland when appropriate. The Northern Dimension offers a functioning platform for mutually beneficial cooperation across the region to address common challenges.


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