Effects of network funding

An evaluation

image of Effects of network funding

Network funding forms part of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, which aims to enhance cultural and artistic collaboration in the Nordic and Baltic countries by funding travel, networking, and residential activities. Network funding provides a platform for co-operation and thus the exchange of ideas and knowledge between professional artists and cultural practitioners in the Nordic and Baltic regions. This study on the effects of Network funding was commissioned by Nordic Culture Point in the spring of 2018 in order to gain insight into the long-term effects of funding and to examine its results for professional artists and cultural practitioners in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Data for the analysis was obtained through both qualitative and quantitative methods. The results show that networking is beneficial not only for its own sake, but also for the professional development of the recipients and the entire artistic or cultural field that they represent. Network funding is perceived as valuable amongst professional artists and cultural practitioners.



Description of networks funded and an evaluation of Nordic Culture Point

We started our journey as researchers who were trying to understand the character, processes and effects of the funded networks by travelling and interviewing artists and administrators of arts organisations from all of the Baltic and Nordic countries. This allowed us a very interesting insight into the many different artistic ambitions of and ideas for the networks, as well as enriching dialogues with artists from various fields of art and culture. One striking element was the richness and variety of the fields of art and culture that the networks represented, ranging from traditional arts genres to contemporary arts movements.


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