Young people on the edge (summary)

Labour market inclusion of vulnerable youths

image of Young people on the edge (summary)

The unemployment among young people is considerably higher than the overall unemployment in the Nordic region. A growing group of young people in the Nordic countries are at a great risk of permanent exclusion with regard to working life and society, perhaps for much of their adult lives. Unemployment among young people is a permanent structural problem, but it has increased as a result of the global economic crisis. The Nordic Council of Ministers has asked the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues to analyze, how one in the Nordic region most effectively can contribute to increased inclusion of vulnerable people in the labour market. The report Young people on the edge (summary) – Labour market inclusion of vulnerable youth is a result of this work.




We are young only once! This is an important and exciting period in our lives when many leave home, meet a partner or move abroad on their own to discover the world. It is also during adolescence that most people start working for the first time. In many ways, youth is a period of transition between childhood and adulthood where we move from the secure dependence of childhood to stand on our own feet. Not getting a job, not being able to leave home or being forced to move back home, feels like a defeat to many young people and as a stumbling block.


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