Young people on the edge (summary)

Labour market inclusion of vulnerable youths

image of Young people on the edge (summary)

The unemployment among young people is considerably higher than the overall unemployment in the Nordic region. A growing group of young people in the Nordic countries are at a great risk of permanent exclusion with regard to working life and society, perhaps for much of their adult lives. Unemployment among young people is a permanent structural problem, but it has increased as a result of the global economic crisis. The Nordic Council of Ministers has asked the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues to analyze, how one in the Nordic region most effectively can contribute to increased inclusion of vulnerable people in the labour market. The report Young people on the edge (summary) – Labour market inclusion of vulnerable youth is a result of this work.




There has been a significant increase in unemployment during the current recession. This also applies in the Nordic countries, even though both unemployment and the increase in such has been lower here than in many other countries in Europe. However, there are also considerable differences between the Nordic countries – both as regards the labour market situation and the policies being pursued. Based on previous experience there are also fears that many people will experience considerable problems with finding or returning to work and gaining a permanent foothold in working life. This report investigates what is being done in order to combat youth unemployment and to promote the inclusion of young people in employment in such a situation, and what the incentives are achieving. The target group is young people in the 15–24-year age group who are at risk of being excluded from education and employment


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