Young Consumers' Credit Based Lifestyles and Payment Problems

image of Young Consumers' Credit Based Lifestyles and Payment Problems


• Preface

• Summary

• Background and rationale of the study

• Complexity of young consumers’ credit-based lifestyles and payment problems

• Research setting and research questions

• Methods and materials

• Consumption practices and credit use as lifestyle factors

• Toward credit-based lifestyles

• Discussion and conclusion



Toward credit-based lifestyles

The interview material was approached from the perspective of young people’s consumption and credit use, their ways of settling debts and their attitudes to responsibility. By perusing and summing up the data we detected three different credit-based lifestyles. The young consumers representing the first lifestyle are here referred to as easy-living, pleasureseeking youth. The second group is characterized by a risk-investing and the third by a rambling lifestyle.


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