Young Consumers' Credit Based Lifestyles and Payment Problems

image of Young Consumers' Credit Based Lifestyles and Payment Problems


• Preface

• Summary

• Background and rationale of the study

• Complexity of young consumers’ credit-based lifestyles and payment problems

• Research setting and research questions

• Methods and materials

• Consumption practices and credit use as lifestyle factors

• Toward credit-based lifestyles

• Discussion and conclusion



Methods and materials

The study materials were gathered by interviewing young people who had run into problems as a result of credit use. The interviewees were aged 18-30 years and represented four Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway. According to the original plan, 12 young consumers from each country were to be invited for interviews during spring 2003. This did not work out as anticipated, however, and so the final data comprise 28 interviews: 5 from Denmark, 6 from Finland, 12 from Iceland and 5 from Norway. Recruitment of interviewees for this study proved very difficult despite the fact that they were sought in many different ways. Iceland was the only country which managed to assemble the intended number of study participants. Our research team had planned beforehand where and how to look for interviewees for the study, but when this plan failed to bring results, the researchers in each country applied whatever means they deemed best to reach young consumers with payment problems. The data were collected from each country in the native tongue of the interviewees, and the interviews were transcribed word for word. The materials from Iceland, Denmark and Norway were then translated into English, the Danish and Norwegian data by the respective researchers who had made the interviews. The Finnish data have so far not be translated into English except for the quotations presented in this report.


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