Young Consumers' Credit Based Lifestyles and Payment Problems

image of Young Consumers' Credit Based Lifestyles and Payment Problems


• Preface

• Summary

• Background and rationale of the study

• Complexity of young consumers’ credit-based lifestyles and payment problems

• Research setting and research questions

• Methods and materials

• Consumption practices and credit use as lifestyle factors

• Toward credit-based lifestyles

• Discussion and conclusion



Discussion and conclusion

The objective of this study was to investigate the role of consumer credits and credit-based lifestyles in the everyday life of young consumers, the reasons for their payment problems and the views of these young concerning the division of responsibilities between the pertinent parties. The focus is on the way our young interviewees described their own lifestyle, credit use and responsibility. We used a type analysis to categorize the study participants into three different lifestyles or types, depending on the way they talked about their consumption and credit use prior to their debt problems. The lifestyles enabled us to detect the various dimensions of young people’s credit-based consumption. The interviewees’ views about their own responsibility were interpreted by examining the behaviour which reflected a sense of responsibility in the different lifestyle types. Responsibility will be discussed in more dept in a further study for which we will re-analyze the material of this study. Additional material will be collected from writings in the press and by interviews with grantors of credit.


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