Welfare and Health Services in the Nordic Countries

Consumer Choices

image of Welfare and Health Services in the Nordic Countries

Today we are witnessing the birth of more and more new markets because of the liberalisation of former public businesses or public monopolies. With this in mind, the background for this report was a need to understand consumer choices in markets that were formerly partly public businesses or public monopolies better. Based on a survey among a representative sample of the populations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, this report looks at three different markets in which individual consumers now have a free choice of services. The three markets are:* health services (general practitioners or specialists)* dental services* pre-school children's day care. The report will uncover usage patterns and key reasons for consumer choices in these markets. In addition, the study will shed light on the level of consumer satisfaction with the services, the information accessible, and on consumer perceptions about their possibilities for complaint. Further more, the study will highlight significant differences on a Nordic level, on a country level and on a market level. Based on the survey results the report will comment on areas where there appears to be potential for improvement - either via more accessible information or an improved complaints process.



Desk Research Study

This chapter gives an overview of the current situation in the three different markets (doctors, dentists, day care) for each of the Nordic countries. The chapter has been structured so that each country is described separately. To make the information moreeasily accessible, the information for each country has been organized as follows


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