SLiCA: Arctic living conditions

Living conditions and quality of life among Inuit, Saami and indigenous peoples of Chukotka and the Kola Peninsula

image of SLiCA: Arctic living conditions

Arctic Social Indicators II (ASI-II) is a follow-up activity to ASI-I (2010) and the first Arctic Human Development Report (AHDR, 2004). The objective of ASI (2010) was to develop a small set of Arctic specific social indicators that as a collective would help facilitate the tracking and monitoring of change in human development in the Arctic. ASI indicators were developed for six domains that are considered prominent aspects of human development in the Arctic by residents in the Arctic: Health and Population; Material Wellbeing; Education; Cultural Wellbeing; Contact with Nature; and Fate Control.



Living Conditions in the Arctic

This chapter introduces a model for conducting research on living conditions among peoples that have experienced rapid social, cultural and economic change in countries where a non-parallel development has occurred. This model was developed by the researchers of SLiCA, A Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic; Inuit, Saami and the Indigenous Peoples of Chukotka, which was initiated by Statistics Greenland in 1997. The point of departure for this model is a critique of contemporary living conditions surveys carried out by national statistical bureaus in economically, technologically and culturally segmented areas. The point of view is that these studies erroneously assume that the populations they investigate are homogeneous, and that consensus concerning individual social and economic objectives exists. This usually leads to research designs and indicators of individual well-being that reflect the dominant culture, or the prevalent way of living and thinking in these countries. The focus of this chapter is on the research design of SLiCA.


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