SLiCA: Arctic living conditions

Living conditions and quality of life among Inuit, Saami and indigenous peoples of Chukotka and the Kola Peninsula

image of SLiCA: Arctic living conditions

Arctic Social Indicators II (ASI-II) is a follow-up activity to ASI-I (2010) and the first Arctic Human Development Report (AHDR, 2004). The objective of ASI (2010) was to develop a small set of Arctic specific social indicators that as a collective would help facilitate the tracking and monitoring of change in human development in the Arctic. ASI indicators were developed for six domains that are considered prominent aspects of human development in the Arctic by residents in the Arctic: Health and Population; Material Wellbeing; Education; Cultural Wellbeing; Contact with Nature; and Fate Control.



Afterword: Facts hard to get

While I was hosting ICC’s General Assembly in Nuuk in 1998 Birger Poppel (then Chief Statistician of Statistics Greenland) presented the idea of a Survey of the Living Conditions in the Arctic. Our organization has been struggling to gather comparable statistical information about Inuit living under four jurisdictions or for the whole Arctic; even United Nations had no data in that field that could tell us about indigenous peoples in the world. We already had intensive cooperation with natural science, mainly on environment and climate...


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