Risk of poverty

This indicator shows the per cent of households with an income under 60 per cent and under 50 per cent of median equivalised income in the Nordic region. Disposable income consists of: All income from work (employee wages and self-employment earnings), private income from investment and property, transfers between households, all social transfers received in cash including old-age pensions. To take into account the impact of differences in household size and composition, the total disposable income is equivalised, according to the following method: The equivalised income attributed to each member of the household is calculated by dividing the total disposable income of the household by the equivalisation factor. In this case a weight of 1.0 to the first person aged 14 or more, a weight of 0.5 to other persons aged 14 or more and a weight of 0.3 to persons aged 0-13. Data is available for Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as the European Union (EU28) and the Euro Area (EA19). For more information on Nordic Statistics: https://www.nordicstatistics.org


Keywords: income, poverty, households, risk of poverty, economy, poor