Nordic voices

The global voice of the Nordic Region

image of Nordic voices

According to the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, the countries of the Nordic Region are the strongest countries in the UN’s 70-year history. “This is a fact that commands respect and strengthens you as a region,” he said. The individuals in this book, all of whom are active in various international arenas, are testament to the great interest in the Nordic Region and the fact that the global Nordic voice is now perhaps more important than ever.



The Strategy's priority areas

The foundation for the branding strategy was laid with a story about the Nordic Region and a bouquet of shared values. Furthermore, areas were to be identified that could benefit from co-operation. Each country already had its own priorities for its relations with the world, and the Nordic strategy did not set out to compete with these. Quite the opposite, in fact. Co-operation would give the individual strategies greater value.


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