Nordic project food contact materials

Control of declarations of compliance (DoC)

image of Nordic project food contact materials

Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have in 2013–2015 conducted a Nordic project on food contact materials. Food contact materials are used in all stages of food production and can be a general source of contamination. The food safety authorities in most of the Nordic countries have had a limited focus on the FCM area with the exception of Denmark and Finland. The aim of the project was therefore to control establishments producing, importing or using plastic food contact materials as well as to increase the knowledge of the inspectors performing these controls. The focus of the inspections was to control the declaration of compliance (DoC) for plastic food contact materials. The requirement for a Doc is mandatory in order to ensure that the FCM complies with the legislation. In addition some products were analyzed for phthalates.



Nordic enforcement projects

An enforcement project is a fixed term project that examines compliance with the regulatory framework in a sector for a particular product or group of products. The company inspections are coordinated in terms of timing and content, thereby providing valuable information about the subject at a particular point in time. Generally speaking, a guidance document is prepared and the project begins with a training course for inspectors. In an enforcement project, the inspection body also uses other tools, such as information and collaboration with sector organisations and other bodies, to encourage companies to comply with the regulatory framework.


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