New Policies to Promote Youth Inclusion

Accommodation of diversity in the Nordic Welfare States

image of New Policies to Promote Youth Inclusion

This report examines changes over time among young adults who have experienced particular difficulties in achieving and retaining paid work in the ordinary labour market: youth with family background from non-Nordic countries and youth with disabilities in the Nordic countries. The report identifies processes and mechanisms enabling or preventing the labour market prospects of the two youth groups. The report focuses on policy measures aiming at tackling demand-side barriers to employment for the two youth groups. While available data have not made it possible to determine robust evidence of an effect (positive or negative) of the social regulation policies for the employment of vulnerable youth groups in statistical terms, the report identifies processes and mechanisms through which social regulation policies make a difference.



Changing balances in Nordic social protection systems

To fully understand whether and under which conditions social regulation policies is most likely to promote labour market participation among young adults we want to examine how the Nordic countries combine different policy measures and opportunities for synergies between the different policy subsystems; social benefits, services and social regulation. A key concern is the relative weight of and interaction between the three subsystems within the overall national system. Different countries do not only use different policy instruments; their efforts to enhance employment for persons with disabilities do also have distinct overall profiles. The policy profile or approaches in the countries have been influenced by or framed within different national policy traditions, distribution of roles and influence between different actors participating in the design and implementation of the labour market inclusion policy (Halvorsen and Hvinden, 2009 , Hvinden, 2010, Halvorsen and Hvinden, 2011).


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