New Nordic Peace

Nordic Peace and Conflict Resolution Efforts

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For a long time, the Nordic countries have been a region of peace, with the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully among themselves, and a region for peace, actively promoting peace globally. Although efforts to actively brand the Nordic region are ongoing, the Nordic Peace brand is an area with untapped potential. The Nordics have rich traditions for working together on peace and conflict resolution. These joint efforts have grown organically and informally from like-mindedness, letting the common Nordic culture and ways of working foster integration among them where relevant. The people working in the Nordic countries on Nordic cooperation and peace recognize the potential of strengthening the Nordic Peace brand. One area of special potential is increasing focus on the shared Nordic priorities of prevention and the women, peace and security agenda as part of the Nordic Peace brand.




In recent years, the global geopolitical landscape has changed in ways that affect the immediate environment of the Nordic countries. In the current global world order, working together on peace and conflict resolution seems more important than ever. In 2009, the Stoltenberg Report revitalized the debate on joint Nordic foreign and security policy. Since then, a series of policy initiatives has demonstrated the growing political support for increased foreign, defence and security cooperation. Notably, further collaboration is the key message in the latest International Strategy for the Nordic Council for 2018–22. Parallel to this, the Nordics are working actively to promote a stronger brand for the region in a wide range of areas. These two processes were connected in 2017, when Nordic Council members launched the idea that “Peace should be made the trademark of the Nordics” and be prioritized as an important pillar of Nordic cooperation. This report is commissioned by the Nordic Council and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers as part of a joint decision to map Nordic efforts globally to support peace and conflict resolution, including efforts to increase women’s participation and influence.


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