Social Inclusion of Youth in Iceland

image of NABO

Nabo is a project launched under the Swedish presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers 2018. The project is run by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society over the period 2018-2020 and seeks to make the youth perspective visible through the words of Nordic youth. Young people’s voices will be heard in questions regarding their lives. And based on that knowledge they will be given the opportunity to participate and influence political decisions. Young people are asked to describe their everyday lives and how they perceive their opportunities and obstacles. From their stories Nabo builds a framework of success factors for social inclusion in the Nordic region. This study is based on six focus group interviews with youth in different places in Iceland. In this report you find the result from the Icelandic study. Similar studies are carried out in the other Nordic countries and in the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.




Most participants were students and commonly had a part-time job alongside their studies. Some were full-time students, less commonly full-time employees. A few were unemployed, single parents and some enrolled in a vocational rehabilitation programme. When asked about their leisure time they named sports, computers, TV, drawing, writing, music, riding horses and spending time with family, friends and partners. Some of them had more specific interests, for example being a member of the Christian Association of Youth, a leader on the directorial board of NQOI and one was starting a new business making prosciutto. Many participants talked about having little leisure time: “What is leisure time?” said a single mother.


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