Monitoring Food Marketing to Children

A Joint Nordic Monitoring Protocol for Marketing of Foods and Beverages High in Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) Towards Children and Young People

image of Monitoring Food Marketing to Children

The protocol describes methods for how to monitor marketing of foods and beverages high in fat, salt and sugar towards children and young people at a given time as cross-sectional studies, as well as allowing for monitoring of trends. The data provided could also be used for evaluation purposes, for instance providing relevant data for evaluating regulation practices and schemes in the respective countries; to study advertising and marketing practices, contents and forms over time. In addition to being a tool for monitoring purposes within each country, the protocol will also enable comparisons between the Nordic countries by establishing a joint understanding on how each marketing channel should be monitored. The protocol has been developed as a Nordic project between representatives and experts from Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway together with international experts.




The following paragraphs describe how to monitor marketing of HFSS foods and beverages in different marketing channels. Each marketing communication medium needs to be monitored in specific ways. For some of the marketing communication media the methods are well established, while others are more exploratory. This is particularly the case with the new media. The protocol aims to describe how to monitor in the different media. At the same time, each country that makes use of the protocol may need to prioritize which of the marketing channels they consider to be particularly important to monitor. A more detailed template for coding schemes for each marketing channel will have to be elaborated and established when applying the protocol. At the same time, limitation of resources might have to adjust the amount of data collected.


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