Local knowledge and resource management

On the use of indigenous and local knowledge to document and manage natural resources in the Arctic

image of Local knowledge and resource management

The climate is changing, and the people in the Arctic are facing huge challenges. Many rely on natural resources for both subsistence and income. Successful adaptation to climate change and the sustainable use of resources require observation of the environment. Scientific knowledge of the environment is incomplete, and conventional scientific monitoring is logistically difficult. Arctic citizens observe the environment all year-round. Their observations and knowledge are, however, not systematically used in the political decision process. An international symposium was therefore organized to encourage Arctic cooperation, and to exchange experiences, on the use of citizens’ knowledge and observations to document natural resources and inform the political process. The meeting drew participants from all the Arctic countries. Their discussions and conclusions are presented in this report.



Proposal for cooperation on the use of indigenous and local knowledge to manage resources in the Arctic

At the symposium, it was concluded that to strengthen community-tocommunity experience exchange and cooperation activities on the use of indigenous and local knowledge to manage resources, a proposal should be developed. Moreover, it was agreed that the proposal should be based on the symposium discussions and circulated to all participants within two months so as to allow opportunities for discussion within the participants’ organisations.


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