Nordregio Policy Briefs

Nordregio is an international research center for regional development and planning established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Our policy briefs cover topics of both Nordic and European interest, with analysis of current issues and suggested paths of action for both policymakers and practitioners.


Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategies in Nordic regions

Smart Specialisation (S3) as a policy tool has quickly been adopted across the European Union and in the Nordic countries, but the implementation of S3 is not uniformly adopted. What is the added value of smart specialisation implementation in Nordic regions? This policy brief explores the adoption of S3 strategies in the Nordic Region. Strengthened governance structures, clear ownership to S3 processes, and understanding S3 as a process in its own right are some of our key recommendations. We also explore if there is a Nordic Model of S3; A highly compatible Nordic innovation environment may suggest a favourable positioning for maximising the added value of S3 in Nordic regions. This research is part of the work of the Nordic Thematic Group on Innovative and Resilient Regions established by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


Keywords: Nordic region, structural funds, Smart Specialisation, governance, S3
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