Exchange of Information in Cases of Trafficking in Human Beings

An Inter-Nordic Analysis

image of Exchange of Information in Cases of Trafficking in Human Beings

This report covers the findings of a project that uncovers which potentially human trafficking-related information is processed by a number of public authorities across five Nordic countries in their daily case processing and how this information is exchanged between the participating public authorities and the police. Based on this, a short good practice guide is developed and distributed to relevant public authorities. The report concludes that three cornerstones are essential in order to exchange information concerning trafficking in human beings: training and education in the indicators of trafficking in human beings, clear channels of communication between the public authorities and the police, and organizational priority towards trafficking within each public authority and police authority.



Case, Police (example)

In relation to the research project executed by the Danish Police Directorate concerning the exchange of potentially human trafficking-related information between public authorities, I hereby invite you to read through the following case of human trafficking.


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