Employment and traumatised refugees

A study of effective employment initiatives for vulnerable and traumatised refugees in the Nordic countries

image of Employment and traumatised refugees

This report presents the results of a study of effective employment initiatives for refugees and reunited refugee family members who are psychologically vulnerable, have symptoms of trauma or are traumatised. The study consists of a literature study and an exploratory investigation of existing practices for the target group in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The study shows that the knowledge base about effective employment initiatives for the target group is currently limited. Nevertheless, several best practices are identified that have a good probability of showing positive employment outcomes for the target group. The report presents the existing knowledge base in the litterature, detailed description of best practices and it identifies key prerequisites in creating effective employment initiatives for the target group.

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Holistic and interdisciplinary initiatives

The category Holistic and interdisciplinary initiatives is found both in ongoing initiatives and in the literature in particular.

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