Does Social Media really Pose a Threat to Young People’s Well-being?

image of Does Social Media really Pose a Threat to Young People’s Well-being?

This report examines the relationship in the Nordic region between the well-being of young people and their consumption of social media. Is the growing use of social media by young people a problem for their personal well-being and their participation in non-digital communities in society? The main conclusion is that we cannot judge the consumption of social media as something unequivocally positive or negative for the well-being of young people, without relating to a number of specific conditions, which significantly nuances the picture. We must relate to who uses the social media, which media they use and how long time they spend. We must also relate to how social media is used. When we take into account the above-mentioned conditions, we find a number of effects from young people's consumption of social media, which you can read about in the report.




Young people in the Nordic countries are major consumers of social media, andthere is an ongoing public debate about whether this consumption is harmfulto their well-being. It is important that these conversations are nuanced andfactually based, yet in both academic research and popular writing, socialmedia is often painted with a broad brush. Distinctions regarding who usessocial media and how social media is used are rarely taken into account. Fromhere, generalizations are often made that can provide a breeding ground formyths to spread about the effects of social media use on the well-being ofyoung people.


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