Children's Participation and Decision-Making in Medical Matters

image of Children's Participation and Decision-Making in Medical Matters

According to international and national agreements and conventions children have a right to express their views in all matters affecting them. However it is one thing to state that children have a right to express their views and another to stipulate to what extent they have a right to participate in decision-making about their medical treatment, participation in medical research or in clinical trials. At the conference Children’s Participation and Decision-making in Medical Matters, organized 2012 by the Nordic Committee on Bioethics, various participants discussed how this right should be interpreted and applied in different contexts and situations. This conference summary highlights the main themes of the conference.




The mission of the Nordic Committee on Bioethics is “to foster cooperation between the Nordic countries by bringing together representatives from different backgrounds to discuss and analyze issues in bioethics in order to achieve greater awareness, promote common understanding, improve policy making and present internationally a Nordic perspective on bioethical challenges.” To honor this mission the committee has, over the years, organized a number of conferences on topics related to medical, genetic and environmental ethics with the aim of encouraging dialogue between different disciplines and stakeholders.


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