Arctic women against men's violence

Arctic women conference in Luleå, Sweden

image of Arctic women against men's violence


• Introduction

• Aims and targets

• Implementation

• Media

• Results and experiences

• The future

• Conclusion

• Appendix 1 Programme

• Appendix 2 Nyamko Sabuni

• Appendix 3 Gunilla Westny

• Appendix 4 Eva Engman

• Appendix 5 Eva Lundgren

• Appendix 6 Olga Lyapunova

• Appendix 7 Gunn Tove Minde

• Appendix 8 Gudrun Jonsdottir

• Appendix 9 Resolution taken at the Arctic Women Conference in Luleå February 1, 2009



Speech at Arctic women conference: Eva Lundgren

Just before Christmas I attended a conference in Tromsø, and happened to see a strange thing on Norwegian television. It was a video from the website YouTube with women who called themselves the Skippagurra girls. As you might know, Skippagurra in the municipality of Tana in Finnmark, Norway, is known as a place where men buy sex from Russian women. But the Skippagurra girls of this video were not Russian women. Neither were they just any anonymous women. They were young women from the Norwegian skier elite, young world class ski stars. Dancing, twisting and turning, with little clothes and much make up, they said that they were playing Russian whores. The video was referred to as the “whore video”.


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