Arctic women against men's violence

Arctic women conference in Luleå, Sweden

image of Arctic women against men's violence


• Introduction

• Aims and targets

• Implementation

• Media

• Results and experiences

• The future

• Conclusion

• Appendix 1 Programme

• Appendix 2 Nyamko Sabuni

• Appendix 3 Gunilla Westny

• Appendix 4 Eva Engman

• Appendix 5 Eva Lundgren

• Appendix 6 Olga Lyapunova

• Appendix 7 Gunn Tove Minde

• Appendix 8 Gudrun Jonsdottir

• Appendix 9 Resolution taken at the Arctic Women Conference in Luleå February 1, 2009




Women’s Shelters in Norrbotten, is a non governmental organization, a NGO, with eleven shelters in the County of Norrbotten in Sweden. There is a network between the shelters in Norrbotten with cooperation and trainings. Within the Barents region there have been some contacts with crises centres for women in Norway, Finland and Russia. In 1997 The Women’s Shelter Iris in Luleå started up crises centres in Murmansk region, in Apatity and Polyarnye Zori. During 1998–2003 the project NCRB, Network for Centres in the Russian Barents region (and in the Barents region as a whole) was working, with the University of Oulu, Finland, the Pomor State University in Archangelsk, Russia and the Women’s University in Steigen, Norway as coordinators. The shelters in Luleå and Umeå, Sweden were included in the project.


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