Arctic women against men's violence

Arctic women conference in Luleå, Sweden

image of Arctic women against men's violence


• Introduction

• Aims and targets

• Implementation

• Media

• Results and experiences

• The future

• Conclusion

• Appendix 1 Programme

• Appendix 2 Nyamko Sabuni

• Appendix 3 Gunilla Westny

• Appendix 4 Eva Engman

• Appendix 5 Eva Lundgren

• Appendix 6 Olga Lyapunova

• Appendix 7 Gunn Tove Minde

• Appendix 8 Gudrun Jonsdottir

• Appendix 9 Resolution taken at the Arctic Women Conference in Luleå February 1, 2009




The experience of this project, to gather women from shelters and crises centres within the Arctic area, shows that there is great interest and need to come together for exchanging knowledge and experiences on the issue men’s violence against women. Together women in the Arctic have lots to learn from each other. The life conditions for women are quite the same in all countries. Women are also strong together to influence in the society on inequality and injustices against women. Networking and cooperation is therefore an important tool to keep up contacts and share information and knowledge, and it has to continue in the future.


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