Arctic Human Development Report

Regional Processes and Global Linkages

image of Arctic Human Development Report

The goals of the second volume of the AHDR – Arctic Human Development Report: Regional Processes and Global Linkages – are to provide an update to the first AHDR (2004) in terms of an assessment of the state of Arctic human development; to highlight the major trends and changes unfolding related to the various issues and thematic areas of human development in the Arctic over the past decade; and, based on this assessment, to identify policy relevant conclusions and key gaps in knowledge, new and emerging Arctic success stories.



Economic Systems

The Arctic economy encompasses a range of activities from the smallscale traditional production for community use to large-scale production and distribution of the region’s natural resources to the international market. This economy includes the flow of rents and transfers into and out of the North. Because these economic activities define the material well-being of the region’s residents, economic activity is a fundamental component of northern human development.


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