The IT-based Services of the Future

Report by the Nordic Council of Ministers IT-policy Expert Group

image of The IT-based Services of the Future

As part of the stimulation and development of co-operation in the IT field, MR-U set up a group of eminent external experts to advise the Nordic Council of Ministers on IT issues. The group devised four future scenarios based on forces for change in the world a large. The scenarios are presented in this report, along with analyses and recommendations. The scenario method is a tried and tested tool in both public policy and in strategic business contexts. It is well suited to making forward-looking strategic observations in a changing world. Globalisation, climate change, the financial crisis, servicification and other external factors influence the nature of Nordic co-operation and help our countries to continue to develop as prosperous, knowledgeable and innovative societies in the face of fierce competition and specific framework conditions. The report focuses on identifying priorities that will underpin the development of ICT-based services. The report can be used as an inventory of potential areas, to identify and develop candidates for Nordic co-operation and, above all else, to stimulate discussion on potential areas for Nordic IT co-operation.

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Conclusions and recommendations

The purpose of this report was, on the basis of possible future scenarios, to draw up proposals for initiatives that NCM could take to promote the development of Nordic IT-based services. The expert group used the scenarios to identify 12 areas for joint development work at Nordic level. Proposals for policy and practical action were defined for each area (see Appendix 9 for complete descriptions). Several analyses were then conducted in order to obtain a better understanding of the different areas' roles in IT-based services in the Region, and the ways in which they are mutually dependent (the analyses are detailed in Appendix 8).

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