Nordic National Museums Strengthening Arctic Heritage

image of Nordic National Museums Strengthening Arctic Heritage

Available online: https://pub.norden.org/temanord2020-514/ Abstract [en] Nordic national cultural history museums are linked with Arctic societies due to the shared heritage of substantial museum collections. We share concerns to re-vitalize, preserve and exchange knowledge on this heritage. Thanks to a grant from NMR's The Nordic region and its neighbors to the west the National Museum (DK) in partnership with the Museum of Cultural History (NO) in 2017-19 successfully executed the project Arctic heritage in Nordic museums. Strengthening Arctic efforts in Nordic national museums. This volume presents recommendations within the project's three major fields: 1) Intensified collaboration on digital strategies and heritage perspectives with Canadian Inuit organizations, 2) a comprehensive and critical analysis of digital databases of cultural institutions in the ABM sector, 3) the constitution of a feasible and sustainable Nordic Cross-Arctic Museum Network.



Supporting Arctic Curatorship at the National Nordic Museums


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