Knowledge Infrastructure for the Fifth Freedom in the Baltic Sea Area

image of Knowledge Infrastructure for the Fifth Freedom in the Baltic Sea Area

There is an outstanding window of opportunity to place the Nordic and Baltic Sea countries at the forefront of knowledge infrastructure for science and innovation. By fully mobilizing research, education, training, and innovation through the next generation information and communication technology (ICT), all countries involved are well-prepared to fulfill their economic, social, and environmental ambitions. The long-term benefits from leading the accelerating globalization of research and to lead the exploitation of disruptive technologies can hardly be overestimated. The knowledge infrastructure is the foundation for the effective realization of the free movement of knowledge – proposed by the European Union as the Fifth Freedom complementing the free movement of goods, capital, services, and persons. Fundamental to the Fifth Freedom are effective knowledge-sharing, well-coordinated research programs, mobility of competent researchers, and world-class research infrastructures.



eScience Infrastructure in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries’ development of eScience infrastructure has been given widespread attention during the past decade, including development of national programs, organizations for maintaining national infrastructure, and establishment of Nordic collaborations, joint strategies, and action plans. In the following sections, the current state is briefly reviewed. The presentation is organized by the type of infrastructure, covering all the Nordic countries for each type of infrastructure. In addition to presenting the current infrastructures, some educational efforts are reviewed and some joint Nordic strategy efforts of particular interest to this report are introduced.


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