Accelerating 5G in the Nordic and Baltic region

Steppingstones for Cross Border Collaboration

image of Accelerating 5G in the Nordic and Baltic region

Testbeds are pivotal in developing and deploying 5G infrastructure in the Nordic and Baltic region. This publication investigates the challenges, potentials and opportunities in a differentiated 5G regional landscape based on a SWOT analysis and mapping of the most advanced test facilities of the region. It aims to take the temperature of 5G activities, identifying valuable verticals such as the manufacturing industry, and indicating progress in a regional, national and cross-sectorial perspective. It provides insight into the region’s weaknesses and strongholds, as well as how important cross-border collaboration is in the fastforwarding 5G global race.



Executive Summary

The Nordic region should be the “first and most integrated 5G region in the world”, and the region should become a “common Nordic 5G space”. Those goals were stated in a Letter of Intent (LoI) signed in April 2018 by the prime ministers of the Nordic countries. This letter followed the Nordic-Baltic ministerial declaration Digital North, adopted a year earlier.


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