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image of Illicit trade in cultural artefacts

Illicit trade in cultural artefacts

This publication is a report from the Nordic expert conference “Illicit trade in cultural artefacts. Stronger together: How can the Nordics join forces to stop the illegal import and export of cultural objects?” which was held in Oslo, 2 to 3...
image of Services and Goods Exports from the Nordics

Services and Goods Exports from the Nordics

The publication Services and Goods Exports from the Nordics – Strongholds and profiles of exporting enterprises analyses the exports of services and goods from the Nordic countries and profiles the exporting enterprises. The report addresses issues...
image of Nordiska Röster

Nordiska Röster

Nordens länder är de starkaste länderna i Förenta nationernas 70-åriga historia, enligt generalsekreteraren, Ban Ki-moon. Detta faktum inger respekt och stärker er som region, hälsar han.
image of Nordic voices

Nordic voices

According to the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, the countries of the Nordic Region are the strongest countries in the UN’s 70-year history. “This is a fact that commands respect and strengthens you as a region,” he said.
image of IPR i kreativa näringar

IPR i kreativa näringar

Arbetsmarknadsutbildning är en viktig del av arbetsmarknadspolitiken, en pusselbit i det större välfärdssystemet. De nordiska länderna har utvecklat en modell där fokus i högre utsträckning är på att trygga anställningsbarheten än på att säkra...
image of Nordic Version of the OECD Report

Nordic Version of the OECD Report "Intellectual Assets and Innovation The SME Dimension"

This report, created by Dr. Christina Wainikka for KreaNord in 2011, is part of the OECD initiative, “SME Innovation and Management of Intellectual Assets in Selected Creative and Manufacturing Industries”. It conveys research on IPRs from the...
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