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image of Veje til beskæftigelse for flygtninge-og indvandrerkvinder

Veje til beskæftigelse for flygtninge-og indvandrerkvinder

Dette er en guide, som giver viden om gode metoder, værktøjer og tiltag, der kan få indvandrerkvinder i arbejde. Guiden er rettet mod fagpersoner og mellemledere på kommunalt og statsligt niveau, som arbejder med arbejdsinkludering af kvinder med...
image of Nordic Integration and Settlement Policies for Refugees

Nordic Integration and Settlement Policies for Refugees

This report has been commissioned by the Labour Market Committee of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The chief aim is to provide policy-relevant knowledge by conducting a comparative analysis of refugee labour-market integration in Scandinavia....
image of New Nordic Peace

New Nordic Peace

For a long time, the Nordic countries have been a region of peace, with the ability to resolve conflicts peacefully among themselves, and a region for peace, actively promoting peace globally. Although efforts to actively brand the Nordic region are...
image of Employment and traumatised refugees

Employment and traumatised refugees

This report presents the results of a study of effective employment initiatives for refugees and reunited refugee family members who are psychologically vulnerable, have symptoms of trauma or are traumatised. The study consists of a literature study...
image of Visits to museums

Visits to museums

This indicator shows visits to museums per 1 000 inhabitants in the Nordic region.

Thematic video on Social Issues/Migration/Health

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