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Bästa Tillgängliga Teknik (BAT) för Nordisk Betongindustri

På uppdrag av Nordiska ministerrådets BAT-grupp, har RISE CBI Betonginstitutet tillsammans med Vahanen Environment Oy genomfört ett projekt om bästa tillgängliga teknik (BAT) för den nordiska betongindustrin. Syftet med projektet har varit att • göra...
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Prevention of accidents at work in Nordic fisheries

The study is based on a combination of previous research and historical initiatives taken by authorities in the respective Nordic countries to promote safety in fisheries. So far there has been limited knowledge about what has worked and has...
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Nordic fisheries and aquaculture

This report contributes to the understanding of how the the socio-economic contribution of Nordic fisheries/aquaculture are affected by the environment and environmental management, with focus on nitrogen. The report contains two case studies of how...
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Slaughterhouses and producers of Animal By-products in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic Council of Ministers, the BAT-group under Working Group for Sustainable Consumption and Production, has awarded Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI) to deliver a review report on Best Available Techniques (BAT) for slaughterhouses and...
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Government budget for R&D

This indicator shows how many appropriations in per cent of GDP the R&D area receives in the Nordic region.
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