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image of Nordsyn Study on Air-to-Air Heat Pumps in Humid Nordic Climate

Nordsyn Study on Air-to-Air Heat Pumps in Humid Nordic Climate

This study was performed for Nordsyn sponsored by Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim was to analyse if the energy labels of air-to-air heat pumps give consumers in Nordic countries sufficient information on energy performance, since declared...
image of Chasing Red Herrings

Chasing Red Herrings

Secrecy, or the ability to keep ones identity hidden behind a corporate veil, is a key facilitator of fisheries crime, includingtax crime and other ancillary crimes in the fisheries sector. Secrecy means that investigators “don’t know what they don’t...
image of Administrativa Sanktionsavgifter

Administrativa Sanktionsavgifter

Administrativa avgiftspåföljder av straffkaraktär har under de senaste åren stått föremål för ett växande intresse och debatt i de nordiska länderna. Förevarande forskning kartlägger rättsläget gällande sanktionsavgifter i Finland samt Sverige, Norge...
image of Nordic Economic Policy Review 2018

Nordic Economic Policy Review 2018

The contributions document how income inequality in the Nordics in various dimensions have increased over recent decades. These developments are put in an international context. Developments in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are compared....

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