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Circular Economy and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The transition to Circular Economy necessitates right incentives for choosing products and services with lower environmental impacts, in the form of price signals and sufficient environmental information. An ecolabel indicates that the product is,...
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Greening state framework contracts - Approaches in the Nordic countries

The purpose of this study was to clear out how Green Public Procurement has been realized in state framework contracts in the Nordic countries, to propose country-specific ways to improve the situation, and to draw a general model of efficient ways...
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Environmental policy analysis

This report discusses how policymakers should deal with economic distortions on the cost-side of cost-benefit analysis in the area of environmental policies, and assesses the existing Nordic guideline recommendations.
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IPR i kreativa näringar

Arbetsmarknadsutbildning är en viktig del av arbetsmarknadspolitiken, en pusselbit i det större välfärdssystemet. De nordiska länderna har utvecklat en modell där fokus i högre utsträckning är på att trygga anställningsbarheten än på att säkra...

Thematic video on Finance and Investment

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