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Suspect screening in Nordic countries

This report describes the results of a suspect screening study in samples from city areas in the Nordic countries. In contrast to target analysis, suspect screening starts with a general sample preparation and identification including as much...
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Circular Economy and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The transition to Circular Economy necessitates right incentives for choosing products and services with lower environmental impacts, in the form of price signals and sufficient environmental information. An ecolabel indicates that the product is,...
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Micro-and macro-plastics in marine species from Nordic waters

This report summarises the knowledge on plastics in Nordic marine species. Nordic biota interacts with plastic pollution, through entanglement and ingestion. Ingestion has been found in many seabirds and also in stranded mammals. Ingestion of...
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Sustainable jet fuel for aviation

The study assesses to what extent the production and use of advanced sustainable jet fuel may contribute to GHG reduction and mitigation, and identifies the commercial potential for initiating and scaling up advanced sustainable jet fuel production...
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Domestic material consumption (DMC)

This indicator shows the domestic material consumption (DMC) for each of the Nordic countries.

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