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Plastic Waste Markets

This project examines the market for recycled plastic, with a primary focus on post-consumer plastic waste because this is considered to be the more problematic. The market for plastic waste generated in manufacturing and production is relatively...
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Nordic Urban Nature Recreation

The Nordic countries continue to experience growth of urban areas, which provides benefits like economic growth, but also imposes economic costs in terms of reduced ecosystem services. This report focuses on urban nature recreation and highlights...
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Potentials for Reducing the Health and Climate Impacts of Residential Biomass Combustion in the Nordic Countries

Residential biomass combustion is a major source of PM2.5 and SLCP (Short Lived Climate Pollutants) emissions in Denmark, Finland and Sweden. SLCPs and PM2.5 have impact on climate, environment and health. When developing strategies for reduced...
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Tourism, Nature and Sustainability

Recently, the Nordic countries have experienced a rapid growth in numbers of visitors. At some popular nature attractions this has resulted in crowding, environmental damage, costly rescue operations and overload on public infrastructure....
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Domestic material consumption (DMC)

This indicator shows the domestic material consumption (DMC) for each of the Nordic countries.

Thematic video on Environment

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