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image of Carbon Leakage in the Nordic Countries

Carbon Leakage in the Nordic Countries

Carbon leakage is a situation in which a policy-induced reduction in CO2 emissions domestically is followed by increased emissions abroad. We investigate from a Nordic perspective what industries are at risk of carbon leakage. We find that aluminum...
image of The Climate Initiatives Platform

The Climate Initiatives Platform

If the Paris Agreement is to be implemented successfully, it is crucial that all actors step up their actions, including non-state actors such as businesses, cities, regions and investors. Transparency is crucial but still largely missing from the...
image of Nordic Test and Demonstration Facilities

Nordic Test and Demonstration Facilities

In the Nordic countries, manufacturing plays a vital socio-economic role by contributing to employment and the economy at large. The key prerequisites are a high productivity and a strong competitive edge. One of the ways to obtain and maintain a...
image of Flexible demand for electricity and power

Flexible demand for electricity and power

Demand side flexibility is the ability of power consumers to reduce their demand in periods of peak load, possibly shifting demand to other periods. The organisation for the Nordic energy regulators, NordREG, has ordered this study to explore demand...
image of Consumption of renewable energies

Consumption of renewable energies

This indicator shows the total consumption of renewable energies in per cent of total gross inland energy consumption in the Nordic region.

Thematic video on Energy

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