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The Nordic consumer organisations - government agencies and authorities - have collaborated on educational issues since the 1960s. Over the last ten years, collaboration in the sector of consumer education has been extended to the Baltic States. For...
The Knowledge Triangle programme was initiated by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2011 with the aim to study and promote knowledge transfer between innovation actors in academia, industry and public sectors of the Nordic countries.
  • 27 Nov 2018
  • Jon Erik Dølvik, Johan Røed Steen
  • Pages: 87
The Nordic future of work How will work and working life in the Nordic countries change in the future? This is the question to be addressed in the project The Future of Work: Opportunities and Challenges for the Nordic Models. This initial report...
All over the world, young people are demanding action to protect our planet. In 2020 a new global deal for nature and people will be adopted, setting targets for the protection and conservation of the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems. It is of...
  • 22 Feb 2013
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 70
This three-part study looks at tuition fees for international students in the Nordic Region. Part one maps the current status in the different countries. Part two looks at the impact of fees, e.g. by comparing international student numbers before and...
Varför kan man inte prata svenska i korvkön enfredagsnatt i Helsingfors utan att få på käften, trotsatt svenskan är ett officiellt språk i Finland? Drottningen, ministern, nobelpristagaren och den ungachefredaktören har alla ett intensivt förhållande...
English, Finnish
  • 28 Feb 2012
  • Håkon Høst
  • Pages: 171
Moderniseringen av utdanningssystemene har gjort relasjonene til arbeidslivet mer komplekse, og i varierende grad opplever de nordiske landene en avstand mellom den utdanning som gis og behovet arbeidslivet antas å ville ha fremover. De mest...
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