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  • 08 Jul 2015
  • Stine Thidemann Faber, Helene Pristed Nielsen, Kathrine Bjerg Bennike
  • Pages: 194
This mapping presents a selected overview of existing research on gender, education and population flows in the Nordic peripheral areas. These areas are faced with a series of challenges that cannot be analyzed nor solved without taking a gender...
Reliable information is needed to drive the market towards ecologically sound products. Product Environmental Footprint has many properties that are new to the Life Cycle Assessment tradition, increasing the consistency, accuracy and comparability of...
  • 06 Apr 2011
  • Gerd Abrahamsen, Lise-Kari Berg, Kajsa Borg, Michael Dal, Ann-Merete Iversen, Eila Lindfors, Anni Stavenskær Pedersen
  • Pages: 147
De nordiske utdannings- og forskningsministre ønsker å fremme kreativitet, innovasjon og entreprenørskap i utdannelsene. Dette var bakgrunnen for at ministrene i april 2009 besluttet at Nordisk ministerråd skulle gjennomføre en nordisk komparativ...
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