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  • 27 Apr 2020
  • Eva Sandberg, Torfinn Rohde, Riitta Nykänen, Niklas Cserhalmi, Brita Homleid Lohne, Klas Sandell, Lasse Edlev, Benny Sætermo, Tomas Carlsson, Ole Sørensen, Kjersti Hanssen, Live Solbrækken Danielsen, Lena Fagerwing, Thomas Larsen Schmidt, Mette Aaskov Knudsen, Lars Hallgren, Johnny Skjoldborg Krog, Marianne Graversen, Linda Thelin, Tine Nord Raahauge, Jakob Walløe Hansen, Simon Høegmark, Adil Sadiku, Kajsa Grebäck, Anna Kettunen, Silja Sarkkinen, Sanna Koskinen, Maria Salin
  • Pages: 288
Nature interpretation in the Nordic countries is a book about communication between nature interpreters and their participants in our landscapes. It's about first hand experiences of nature and the importance of to paying attention to what is...
  • 02 Mar 2011
  • C. Lindblad, D. Nævdal, K. O'Brien, A. Olsson, S. Tikkanen, O. Uldum, I. Aarestad
  • Pages: 121
How can natural and cultural values be a resource for sustainable development? That is the question the Nordic Blue Parks project has tried to answer by providing case-studies of regional and local success stories, thereby assessing the possible...
  • 28 Jan 2013
  • Strang Johan
  • Pages: 102
Although commissioned to mark the 60th anniversary of the Nordic Council in 2012, this is no runofthemill commemorative publication. The Nordic Council wants to look to the future and follow up on the renewed debate about cooperation.There is much to...
Icelandic, Swedish
  • 01 Sep 2011
  • Eeva Korteniemi
  • Pages: 109
This study maps current and planned education and research cooperation that the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) have with Russia. The study includes bilateral, Nordic, regional, intergovernmental and EU levels, but...
  • 04 Jul 2012
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 309
The Nordic Economic Policy Review is published by the Nordic Council of Ministers and addresses policy issues in a way that is useful for in-formed non-specialists as well as for professional economists. All articles are commissioned from leading...
The pilot project Nordic Entrepreneurship Islands addresses the educational and new business venture challenges on seven selected Nordic islands. The project also addresses the opportunities and potential arising from an increased focus on...
  • 29 May 2013
  • Lars Foldspang, Peter Lange, Kristian Mørk Puggaard, Avset Berit Sundby, Bakken Line, Brøgger Benedicte, Hensing Gunnel, Madsen Per Kongshøj, Sæther Erik Magnus
  • Pages: 64
The Nordic welfare states are facing new challenges in an increasingly globalised world. Fiercer competition has underlined the need for the Nordics to enhance competitiveness – and to support and nurse growth in industry and businesses. This report...
  • 19 Jun 2009
  • Erlendur S. Baldursson, Vuokko Karsikas, Kirsti Kuivajärvi, Torfinn Langelid, Marianne Mäki, Kaj Raundrup, Svenolov Svensson
  • Pages: 223
Since the 1970s, a variety of multilateral environmental agreements have been created to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. However, these institutions have not been created systematically, but rather on an ad hoc basis as...
  • 03 May 2005
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 218
In 1999, the nordic council adopted a recommendation on prison education in a Nordic perspective. In September 2001, a Nordic project group was appointed to carry out a study, with representatives from the Prison and Probation Service and the...
This report, created by Dr. Christina Wainikka for KreaNord in 2011, is part of the OECD initiative, “SME Innovation and Management of Intellectual Assets in Selected Creative and Manufacturing Industries”. It conveys research on IPRs from the...
The Next Big Thing? Trends Shaping Nordic Innovation is written for people interested in and working with the issues of innovation, economic development, globalisation and climate change, and how these issues impact on companies and industries, and...
  • 20 Jan 2012
  • Niels Egelund
  • Pages: 221
This report aims to identify and analyze specific Nordic reading results and trends from 2000 to 2009. There is focus on weak readers and gender issues, and there are results from an analysis of two Danish national options, one covers tests of basic...
  • 28 Apr 2014
  • Júlíus K. Björnsson, Liv Sissel Grønmo, Jan-Eric Gustafsson, Kajsa Yang Hansen, Pekka Kupari, Jan Mejding, Kari Nissinen, Ragnar F. Ólafsson, Monica Rosén, Louise Rønberg, Sari Sulkunen
  • Pages: 170
How is reading literacy taught in Nordic classrooms, and how is this influenced by the curricula?How can we improve mathematics teaching in Nordic classrooms?What is the relationship between school performance and policy variations?How do teachers’...
  • 10 Aug 2018
  • David Reimer, Bent Sortkear, Magnus Oskarsson, Trude Nilsen, Maria Rasmusson, Kari Nissinen
  • Pages: 219
The results from PISA 2015 and TIMSS 2015 were published in November and December 2016. All the Nordic countries participated in PISA. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden participated in TIMSS grade 4 and Norway and Sweden participated in TIMSS grade...
  • 14 Feb 2020
  • Firouz Gaini
  • Pages: 42
Nabo er ein verkætlan sum var sett í gongd í Nørrøna ráðharraráðnum undir tí svenska formannaskapinum í 2018. Svenski myndugleikin Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor stjørnar fyri verkætlanani í tíðarskeiðinum 2018–2020. Hon hevur sum...
  • 14 Feb 2020
  • Matilda Wrede-Jäntti
  • Pages: 76
Nabo on projekti, joka käynnistettiin Ruotsin puheenjohtajakaudella Pohjoismaiden ministerineuvostossa 2018. Hanketta johtaa Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor 2018–2020. tavoitteena on luoda pohjoismaisia nuorten näkökulmia...
  • 28 Jan 2020
  • Christine Ingemann, Arnaruluk Lundblad, Christina Viskum Lytken Larsen
  • Pages: 44
Nabo er et projekt, der blev lanceret under det svenske formandskab i Nordisk Ministerråd 2018. Projektet ledes af den svenske Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor i perioden 2018-2020 og sigter mod at skabe nordiske unges perspektiver...
  • 28 Jan 2020
  • Matilda Wrede-Jäntti
  • Pages: 45
Nabo är ett projekt som lanserades under det svenska ordförandeskapet i Nordiska ministerrådet 2018. Projektet leds av den svenska Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor under perioden 2018-2020 och syftar till att synliggöra nordiska...
  • 28 Jan 2013
  • Strang Johan
  • Pages: 102
Á árinu 2012 voru liðin 60 ár frá stofnun Norðurlandaráðs og af því tilefni var ákveðið að gefa þetta rit út. Þetta er ekki hefðbundið afmælisrit. Að þessu sinni kýs Norðurlandaráð að horfa fram á veginn og fylgja eftirnýrri umræðu um norrænt...
Swedish, English
  • 12 May 2010
  • Jorunn Spord Borgen, Lars Geschwind, Bjørn Stensaker
  • Pages: 92
Undersøgelsen fastslår, at det nordiske uddannelsesforskningsfelt kendetegnes af et stort mangefold både i disciplintilknytning og perspektiver, i forskningsfokus og forskningsmetodik, publicering og formidling. Forfatterne mener, at denne situation...
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