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image of Veterinary contingency planning

Veterinary contingency planning

Veterinary contingency planning in the Nordic-Baltic countries aims to prepare national veterinary administrations and stakeholders to respond speedily and effectively to an emergency situation caused by highly contagious trans-boundary viral...
image of Wood in construction

Wood in construction

Building with wood has an untapped potential to transform the construction industry and create the next generation of low-carbon and healthy buildings. The Nordics, with an abundance of sustainably managed forest resources and a long history of...
image of Nordic Economic Outlook 2018

Nordic Economic Outlook 2018

The Nordic Economic Outlook is an annual report on the economic development in the Nordic countries in terms of growth, business cycles and public finance The report is produced by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the content is prepared jointly...
image of Structural Adjustment and Regulation of Nordic Fisheries Until 2025

Structural Adjustment and Regulation of Nordic Fisheries Until 2025

Fishery policies are broadly debated in the Nordic countries, focusing on balancing biological concern of fish stocks, economic return to society and coastal communities’ interests. Market Based Fisheries Management is used in several Nordic...
image of Consumer price index (CPI)

Consumer price index (CPI)

This indicator shows the development in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the Nordic region.

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