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  • 24 Oct 2019
  • Lisbeth Dahllöf, Mia Romare, Alexandra Wu
  • Pages: 54
The number of electric vehicles (cars, buses, e-bikes, electric scooters and electric motorcycles) sold in the Nordic countries is currently increasing quickly. That means that more electricity is used for driving, and also that more of some...
  • 27 Jul 2015
  • Heikki Masalin
  • Pages: 65
The creative and cultural industries (CCIs) have recently been debated widely, and access to finance has been at the forefront. This KreaNord report, created in 2012, maps the Nordic CCIs’ financial environment, and shows that the environment is...
  • 21 Jan 2020
  • Anna Pekala
  • Pages: 138
The project was initiated in March 2019, deriving from a request from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration who handles the project management on the Nordic-Baltic project ”Nordic Nutrition the Green Way”. The project is funded by the Nordic...
  • 08 Nov 2006
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 69
There is growing interest, among policymakers, for the prospects of decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, as they have a hard time disentangling environmental policies from their economic and social impacts. Opportunities for...
  • 06 May 2011
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 207
The current pace of global change has already had a decisive impact on the Arctic. To understand the current and likely future situation in the Arctic it is important to acknowledge the pre-conditions, challenges and tendencies at work here. Some of...
  • 02 Mar 2007
  • Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Pages: 137
Med utgangspunkt i ønsket om å hjelpe offentlige innkjøpere med å ta miljøhensyn, er det i Norden de siste 15 årene utviklet kriteriesett for en rekke produktgrupper både i nasjonal regi, og i regi av den nordiske miljømerkeordningen. Alle land har...
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