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image of Nordic Green to Scale for Cities and Communities

Nordic Green to Scale for Cities and Communities

Green to Scale is a series of analysis projects that have highlighted the potential of scaling up existing climate solutions. Nordic Green to Scale for Cities and Communities analyses proven climate solutions from Nordic cities and municipalities....
image of Naturvägledning i norden

Naturvägledning i norden

Naturvägledning i Norden handlar om kommunikation mellan naturvägledare och deltagare på plats i våra landskap. Om direkta naturupplevelser och viljdsan att uppmärksamma det som inspirerar och fascinerar, det som är särskilt värdefullt eller hotat....

Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategies in Nordic regions

Smart Specialisation (S3) as a policy tool has quickly been adopted across the European Union and in the Nordic countries, but the implementation of S3 is not uniformly adopted. What is the added value of smart specialisation implementation in Nordic...

Governing the Digital Transition in the Nordic Regions

The Nordic countries are often positioned as digital front-runners in the European and global contexts. Digitalisation is changing the nature of business, jobs and provision of public services. Rapid digitalisation and technological change require...

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