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image of Technical Report: Nordic Green to Scale for Countries

Technical Report: Nordic Green to Scale for Countries

Nordic Green to Scale for countries zooms in on two regions: Kenya and Ethiopia in East Africa and the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine in Europe. This report presents the emission reduction potential of 10 selected solutions for the African target...
image of Biodiversity and Economic Modelling

Biodiversity and Economic Modelling

Is it posible linking biodiversity to macro economic models, thereby increasing our understanding of how economic activities affect biodiversity – et vice versa? It is the key question that this report aims at answering on the basis of existing...
image of Nordic Fisheries at a Crossroad

Nordic Fisheries at a Crossroad

Nordic fisheries at a crossroad explores how Nordic small-scale fisheries can develop to promote high value creation and product specialization. By looking at recent developments among small-scale but land-based food producers we suggest...
image of Nordic Fisheries in Transition

Nordic Fisheries in Transition

In the last decades Nordic countries have been implementing quota markets and similar instruments to manage mainly the economic performance of their fisheries. Coming from a historical situation dominated by owner-operated fishing units closely...
image of Consumption of pesticides

Consumption of pesticides

This indicator shows the use of pesticides in the Nordic Region in tonnes of active ingredients.

Thematic video on Agriculture and Food

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