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image of Market Analysis of Organic Foods in the Nordic and Baltic Countries

Market Analysis of Organic Foods in the Nordic and Baltic Countries

The project was initiated in March 2019, deriving from a request from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration who handles the project management on the Nordic-Baltic project ”Nordic Nutrition the Green Way”. The project is funded by the Nordic...
image of Integrated Product Policy 2020

Integrated Product Policy 2020

The European Commission adopted in January 2015 an Action Plan for the Circular Economy. The plan suggest measures for how the market may significantly contribute to a circular economy. Now the methodological fundament needed has been finally...
image of Animal By-Products in Contingency Planning

Animal By-Products in Contingency Planning

Veterinary contingency planning in the Nordic-Baltic countries aims to prepare national veterinary administrations and stakeholders to respond speedily and effectively to emergency situations caused by contagious animal diseases. Such diseases may...
image of Høsting av stillehavsøsters

Høsting av stillehavsøsters

Denne rapporten utreder sentrale spørsmål og fagområder knyttet til høsting av stillehavsøsters, som fremmed art og ny ressurs. Arten har etablert seg i nordiske kystfarvann. Den er regnet som invasiv og tette bestander kan føre til endringer i...
image of Fish catches

Fish catches

This indicator shows the total volume of fish catches in thousand tonnes in the Nordic Region.

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