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Nordic Coastal Fisheries and Communities

Coastal fisheries play a vital role in the marine sector of the Nordic countries and serves as a backbone of the economy of many smaller coastal communities. The coastal fleets usually have a big presence in smaller, more remote fishing villages,...
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Nordic Shipyards

Shipbuilding has a long tradition in all the Nordic countries. Hence, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the BAT Group under the Working Group for Sustainable Consumption and Production (also called HKP Group) awarded Vahanen Environment Oy, Finland,...
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Landbaseret akvakultur

Denne baggrundsrapport vedrører materiale til en fælles nordisk strategi for landsigtet (teknisk-økonomisk-miljømæssig) bæredygtigt landsbaseret opdræt. Rapporten har specielt fokus på udfordringerne for bæredygtigt opdræt i Østersøområdet. Den er...
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Allergen labelling and use of advisory labelling "May contain traces of [allergen]"

In 2010-2012, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland collaborated in a Nordic inspection campaign about labelling of allergens and use of advisory labelling (“May contain traces of [allergen]”). The background to the project was that accurate labelling...
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Consumption of pesticides

This indicator shows the use of pesticides in the Nordic Region in tonnes of active ingredients.

Thematic video on Agriculture and Food

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