The Next Big Thing?

Trends Shaping Nordic Innovation

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Waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) contains both hazardous and valuable materials. The European directive on WEEE gives producers and importers of EEE the responsibility to collect and treat WEEE. In order to evaluate the effectively of collecting schemes, it is necessary to know the quantity of WEEE generated. The purpose for this project has been to establish a method to measure amount of WEEE generated. It has also been developed a practical Excel model to demonstrate the method. The model is based on amount of EEE supplied to the market and the lifetimes of the products. The report describes in detail the development work and shows examples of calculation. The Excel model is available for documentation and demonstration, together with a user guidance. The project joint venture and Nordisk Council of Minister disclaim responsibility for how users might use the tool and its results.




Regions, nations and companies that are able to change and adapt to new cirumstances will over time have the best chances of sustaining a healthy balance between growth and prosperity within their communities. It can by no means be taken for granted that the Nordic countries will be among the richest societies in the world. However, since the breakthrough of industrial and modern times the Nordic countries have shown themselves to be particularly capable of steady development and renewal. Cooperation between industry, government, academia and society as a whole has been one of the defining characteristics of the Nordic countries’ development in these areas. Nordic co-opereation is in this sense a natural ingredient of the Nordic approach to development.


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