Sustainability certification of Nordic tourist destinations

Report from an expert workshop in Stockholm 11th September 2012

image of Sustainability certification of Nordic tourist destinations

An expert workshop on sustainability certification of tourist destinations was held at the Swedish EPA (Naturvårdsverket) in Stockholm Tuesday the 11th of September 2012. The workshop in Stockholm built on a study, conducted in 2011 by Environice for the Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim was to explore and widen the recommendations from the earlier study with the target to create a professional and reliable foundation for further decision and policy making. The workshop was commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ group on small communities (Småsamfundsgruppen). This report includes a summary of the workshop’s group discussions, followed by revised recommendations for future work, based on the workshop results. The main conclusion of the workshop was that the Nordic countries should develop a common Nordic system for sustainability certification of tourist destinations.



Workshop participants


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