R&D staff

This indicator shows the per cent of the labour force in the Nordic region who are employed as R&D staff in full time equivalents. Head counts: The number of individuals who are employed mainly or partly on R&D. For purposes of comparison between different regions and periods, this indicator is often used in conjunction with employment or population variables. Full-time equivalents (FTE): Corresponds to one year's work by one person. Thus, someone who normally devotes 40 per cent of his/her time to R&D and the rest to other activities (e.g. teaching, university administration or counselling) should be counted as only 0.4 FTE. Data on R&D personnel is compiled using the guidelines laid out in the Frascati Manual (OECD 2002). At national level R&D and GBAORD data is compiled by the national statistical authorities. Denmark: 2002 and 2007: Break in time series. Sweden: 2005: Break in time series. Norway: 2007: Break in time series. For more information:


Keywords: employment, research and development, development, staff, research, labour force